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Pink Starlight by For-He-who-is-grand
Pink Starlight
Do not reproduce artwork without sole written consent from me! 

Available as prints in my etsy! 2 different sizes!…

Ahhhh Bee and Puppycat, one of my new faves. I had to draw her in an adorable frilly pink dress. With stars on it. With more stars. And pink. SO MUCH PINK. 

I had so much fun drawing this. People seem to be fans of the Puppycat nomming the star :giggle: 

Drawn in pencil first, then inked, colored with Copics, and brought into Photoshop for background work and a few minor touch ups. 

Hope you enjoy my art <3 

I feel blessed to be able to share it with you. Credit is to God who makes all good things possible. <3 
Bee and Puppycat Ice Cream necklace by For-He-who-is-grand
Bee and Puppycat Ice Cream necklace
I'm super excited about this one. I couldn't resist making Puppycat into a delicious dessert since i saw the first episode in the series. I sculpted the pendant out of Sculpey.  I had purchased a combo pack of pink and vanilla color pearl beads and just HAD to use them for this! If you look closely, you'll notice that some of the pink beads are frosted, and some are shiny :3  I also thought i'd add a touch of sparkle with the iridescent clear teardrops. I used a slightly bigger style chain because i wanted a bit of a roundy bubble feel to it. In person, it's very sparkly! 

I'm a big fan of Bee and Puppycat. If you haven't watched the cartoon, run over to youtube and WATCH THEM! Be sure to watch the original first, before you start watching the series. :D 
Follow me here on dA, and also on facebook!
My etsy page:
Queen Elsa Cosplay Wig by For-He-who-is-grand
Queen Elsa Cosplay Wig
Thought i'd share this here to take a closer look at the wig i had styled for my Elsa cosplay. I went with a softer swirly look rather than the sharp spikey look i see on allot of Elsa wigs. When Elsa transforms into her ice dress in the movie, you see her brush her hand through her hair, and it's just such a soft beautiful look that seems to fail most cosplay wigs. I think i achieved that soft flowing look in my version of it. I added soft swirls like you see in her magic. Funny enough, the wig looked better and better in the front as i wore it, because a few curly pieces here and there would fall down and add some nice framing! I achieved this look with very minimal cutting to the wig, lots of bobby pins, hairspray, and snowflake pins that i made from pendants. The wig is a lacefront wig i bought on ebay. 

See my completed Elsa cosplay here:

I still hope to get some better pics, hopefully a photoshoot in the snow this winter!


Heather Miller
United States
Current Residence: Washington
Favourite genre of music: Jpop, new age, instrumental, rock, pop
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: God
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Sebastian Michaelis, Alucard, Sailor Moon

All sorts of mixed up things

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 1:12 AM

Once again it has been quite some time since my last journal. To that i say meh. X)

Sakura Con is coming up, so as i usually try to write for that, i figured i needed to update on other things. 

I don't think i've written on this yet, but i got a job at a Library back in mid Winter. I actually started the job the day after my unemployment ended, so i felt very blessed in that. The Library is beautiful and it's a privilege to work there. The people are very nice and i find myself with a smile at work more often than not. I really appreciate this job compared to my last job at Google. It's nice to be helping people in a positive, educational and entertaining environment rather than making bucks for some person who already has too much of it, you know? It's also WAY less commute for me which is fantastic too. It's part time which gives me extra time to work on other things, business and otherwise. Ideally, this would be an excellent set up if i could achieve my dream of being published. Between the stability of this job, plus extra income from that and having the time to do it, I would be one happy Heather.

Other things...I've been contemplating some...past patterns. This is rather complicated so i won't go into it, just know God is working with me to get through some issues (with myself and others) i'm trying to learn to handle in a better way. It's all rather confusing and frustrating but i'm confident i will be better and happier by the end of it. To give you and example (one that a friend told me some time ago) it's like the refining of gold. You boil it, and the impurities float to the top. You scrape off those impurities and repeat, until you have solid gold. 

I had planned this spring to go to Japan (this week actually) but unfortunately it didn't work out for this year.  Since i'm still a newbie at my new job, i didn't think it would be the best idea to ask for 2 weeks off this early on (even though i'm pretty sure i could have gotten it, it's just not professional.) Also, i didn't do a very good job of planning, and certain circumstances made me miss the major price drop in airfare back in Autumn. Despite this, i'm planning to try again for next spring, 2015. The idea is to see Tokyo for a few days, then ride a train to Kyoto and stay there for a good part of the time. Cherry blossom viewing is a definite, along with the gardens, temples, hot springs, with some other exciting things as well. I'm still trying to determine if i want to do Japan by myself or with a companion. While i've traveled quite a bit in the past, it's basically thanks to my mother who graciously gave me an upbringing full of it. I've never traveled 100% by myself internationally, so it's a little intimidating! I'm still determined though!

As i won't be going to many conventions next Spring since the cherry blossoms in Japan will most likely overlap major convention dates where i live, it seems like this year has been filled to THE BRIM with them!! By a fluke, i ended up going to Emerald City Comicon this year for the first time ever. I've never even been to a regular American comic convention despite all these conventions i've been too! So about ECCC. It is. The biggest. Most intimidating con. I have ever been to. 


Despite having a 3 day pass, i only ended up going on the Saturday, as i worked the day before, and was just WAY too overwhelmed to go the next day (and i was too lazy to drive my butt down to Seattle again.) Why was it so intimidating you ask? I think the biggest thing is just the sheer size of it. It filled every nook and cranny of the convention center. Plus the connecting building across the street. PLUS parts of the connecting Sheraton hotel. It was nuts. The exhibitors hall was 4x larger than Sakura cons. The people selling weren't just plushy and figure mongers. They were the actual artists and high up people representing their respective companies. And while we're on the subject of high up...the displays were ENORMOUS. Straight to the top of the ceiling. I'm not joking. Larger than billboard size graphics for these things. These companies want to be noticed, and if they want to be, they've got to try this hard, because your attention is everywhere and nowhere with everything going on around you. I've decided that ECCC is where the big boys play...definitely THE place to keep on my radar for comic employer hunting. When i go some time in the future for whatever reason, I won't be cosplaying most likely ( I was perusing the halls as Bee from Bee and Puppycat.) I was very fortunate enough to have met the vice president of Dark Horse comics while I was there after a panel on jobs in the industry. He was kind enough to take a look at my manga portfolio. I'm still having a hard time remembering everything he said (It happens when i get overwhelmed once in a great while) but he looked very contemplative while looking at my work. To summarize, he basically gave me the thumbs up on my work and to keep going. Immediately after i spoke to a local indie comics guy who said my work was dynamic. Overall a positive experience with some advice on things I (once again) already know i need to work on. :) The thing i appreciated most about ECCC was the reason i went: The panels for serious comic creators. Sakura con and all the other cons i've been too just don't offer this. After ECCC, Sakura con is a sinch! HA!

In other con news, i'm planning on going for a day to Everfree NW this Summer. Yes, i said last year that i wasn't going to go unless i was selling, but a good friend of mine is VERY excited to go (her first real con) and cons are always more fun with friends, so i figure hey, best friend time plus some ponies thrown in sounds like a good time to me ^_^ I'm thinking of adding/changing up some parts to my Cinderella cosplay and using it for a Celestia outfit. 

Sakura con is in less than two weeks and my brand new sparkling cosplay is at about the 90 to 95% mark completion. I'll be premiering my Elsa from Frozen shortly. (I'm so behind in cosplay photos, i'm sorry guys.) I still gotta get decent photos of Cinderella, Fluttershy, and now Elsa! Calling all photographer friends! ;D 

In other news, the Library has asked me to be a guest panelist for a Cosplay panel as part of their Free Comic Book Day event in May.  I'll also be helping out for the Mini Con later in the year. I'm excited to share my some of my cosplay loves and tips! 

See you all in the upcoming waves of glitter! 

  • Mood: Spring Fever
  • Listening to: birds chirp
  • Reading: Girl Genius
  • Watching: Whisper of the Heart
  • Playing: in flowers
  • Eating: Dole Whip, Cadburry eggs
  • Drinking: Green Tea

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